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Your Right To Choose Your Repairer

Aston Martin Accident Repair - Know your rights - It's your ASTON MARTIN, its your legal right to choose who repairs it - it is NOT the choice of your Insurance Company (despite what they tell you to save money) !
Make sure it's in the right hands with one of the UKs leading Aston Martin Specialists.
Insurance companies often arrange accident repairs through approved (very cheap) repairers to keep costs down for their own interest. This could mean that your car is repaired with non-original parts, using cheap paints and lacquers by a bodyshop which simply doesn't go that extra mile. As a result, your Aston Martin may not be repaired to pre accident condition effecting its re sale value. Often insurers have agreed average price repairs with approved bodyshops (£1000-£1200 however bad the damage). If you have damage on your vehicle over the average cost, corners are often cut to keep the average price repair as that is all the bodyshop will be paid for by the insurer. Sandown Coachworks do NOT carry out average price repairs.
You do not have to use your insurer's choice of repairer, it is YOUR choice where to repair your ASTON MARTIN. Your rights regarding this were confirmed by a directive from the Office of Fair Trading issued in 1993. If you have concerns over what your insurance company has told you please feel free to contact us on 01932 240 471.
It's always worth considering the following:

*Will original manufacturer or pattern parts be used?
*Does the bodyshop have a dedicated team that is always on hand to update you with progress?
*Will you get the good service you expect?
*Will your manufacturer's warranty remain intact?
*Will your car rermain locally and allow you to inspect during the repair process or provide photo updates?
*Are you comfortable letting your insurance company have control of your accident or damage repair work?
* Will you be provided with a new , safe and reliable courtesy car?
* Will you be given an extensive 6 year warranty for the work ?





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We can offer you a great special price for a complete inspection! Please call us on 01932 240 471. Servicing with us will not effect your Aston Martin warranty, click here for more info.

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Your right to choose your repairer

Did you know that you have a legal right to choose who repairs your vehicle. You do not need to use the repairer your insurance company chooses,  which is normally just based on cheapest price, not the best and safest repair for your vehicle. We provide a full 6 year warranty on all Aston Martin paint and bodywork repairs. Click here for more info.

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