Aston Martin Repair
Aston Martin Repair

Protect Your Warranty 

Servicing your Aston Martin with Sandown Coachworks will NOT effect your Aston Martin manufacturers warranty  ( despite what your main dealer may tell you !!! ) . Please find below UK and European Law:


In October 2003 European new legislation affecting the motor industry came into force called “Block Exemption Regulation” 14002002 (BER).


Before the law changed it was difficult to have new cars within their warranty period serviced outside a franchised dealer. The new law now allows everyone the freedom to service their car away from the main dealers, and still have their warranty protected.


Your your car will be serviced according to the manufacturers service schedule:

  • It will be fitted with parts compliant to the guidelines
  • Qualified specialist technicians will carry out the work to a high standard ensuring your service book history is maintained
  • We will stamp your book with our Service Stamp and Record all work on our database, this will preserve any existing warranty, which later will help with the resale value of your car.


Most important of all Sandown Coachworks will save up to 40% off main dealer prices and that has to make everyone happy.


You can read the official statement from Office of Fair Trading on the changes to car servicing rules.


Changes to Car Servicing Rules


Servicing ties removed from new car warranties

The Office of Fair Trading Report

Date: 14th May 2004

Report: 85/04


All major makes of new cars in the UK will in the future be sold without servicing ties as part of their warranties, following action by the Office of Fair Trading.


The remaining manufacturers whose new car warranties including servicing ties have now lifted their servicing restrictions. Consumers will now be able to choose freely where they have their new cars serviced.


The move comes after an Office of Fair Trading study into new car warranties found that the "dealer-based extended warranties" offered by manufacturers included terms requiring that the new cars are serviced at a garage belonging to the manufacturer's franchised dealer network.


This was limiting consumers' ability to choose where to have their car serviced.


John Vickers, OFT Chairman, said:


"The car industry's response to the OFT's recommendations to remove servicing restrictions is good news. Consumers should now benefit from increased choice and competition between franchised and independent garages."


The lifting of the ties has avoided the possibility of formal action by the Office of Fair Trading under the EC competition law. Franchised dealers have been carrying out around 90% of servicing cars up to three years old.


However, servicing at franchised dealers is typically more expensive than servicing at independent garages.


The average price of a service at a franchised dealer was found to be 62% more expensive than at an independent garage, without any apparent in the quality of the service offered.



Servicing your Aston Martin with Sandown Coachworks cannot effect your vehicles warranty under UK and European Law.


We do promise:

  • At least a like for like service to your main dealer ( to try to exceed them as a minimum level of service )
  • We only use genuine Aston Martin parts & approved products
  • All work explained in detail (email photos of problems & damaged parts upon request) so you know you are not being misled and talked into work not needed
  • Large Savings on hourly labour rates
  • A FREE courtesy car if required while your car is being repaired (subject to availability)
  • Guarantee on all work carried out ( Parts & Labour )
  • High levels of security for your vehicle at all times (please see our list of facilities for security info) and under CCTV while on site at all times even during repair.





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Your right to choose your repairer

Did you know that you have a legal right to choose who repairs your vehicle. You do not need to use the repairer your insurance company chooses,  which is normally just based on cheapest price, not the best and safest repair for your vehicle. We provide a full 6 year warranty on all Aston Martin paint and bodywork repairs. Click here for more info.

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